Cover Art and Backgrounds Needed!

Hey guys!
I have a massive favour for anyone who can help!!!
I’d like someone to make me a background for my new story, I have a ‘prototype’ but it’s not too detailed.
Can someone please help?
Here is the picture:

They are fall in each other

This is what I’d like it too look like but mine is super dodgy :grimacing:

Is this for the cover??? and if so small or large cover? and then whats the story title? and what do you want your auther name to be (do you want it to be exactly Charmaine.epi?? and whats the story about give a little description

I’m wanting it to be my outro for each episode. My story is called ‘Kissed by a Vampire’ (not out yet).I would like my author name to be charmaine.epi (all lowercase plz). My story is about a vampire falling in love with a human, but she’s also the mate to a werewolf, it’s a bit of a cliché. The two people in that picture is me and one of the lesser characters, so it doesn’t really have anything to doe with the characters.

If you could do this for me, I’d be so grateful!

im literally bored its 5AM.
I have nothing to do i have writers block rn.
So ill try to do it because i dont usually do art stuff because your girl here is nothing compared to the real artist here.

Since its You in the pic i got a few questions

What are your fav colors?
What do you like?
And is there anything SPECIFIC you want it to say?

  • like “Thank for reading. See you in the next episode/chapter” or like "Keep Calm and Read on " - charmaine.epi

Lol, same. It’s 11pm and I can’t sleep so I thought I would get to work. Thanks again for the help.

  • My favourite colours are literally anything pastel lol.
  • I like music
  • And I’d like to say something like “Thanks for reading! This story will be continued!” and “Follow my Instagram @charmaine.epi” that kinda stuff

so you want a splash…ight i’ll try and make one since i got nothiing to do… BUT no promises it’ll be awesome

I’m sure it’s gonna be great! I can’t wait to see it!!! Thanks so much