Cover Art And Episode Artist

Everyone, share your work in progress in creating art for your original stories or any client in-progress work.

Let’s learn from each other. As an artist, I am always eager to see how other artists approach their digital art.

What software or hardware do you use?

Share tips on how you are able to share time.

My current work in progress for the story I am writing, “Promise Me.”
I am using clip studio software and XP-Pen Hardware.
I am in the blocking stage. It seems to be taking forever. What do you do to save time?



Any time-saving tips are appreciated.

FIRT OFFF lover yor art ~

Guess who?

I use Clip Art Studio as WELLL
REFRANCES I dont be ashamed
Fliping your work also helps because when it shows whats a little wonkey

what do to stave time is “lasso” the current part I am working on
and if any of the other parts are in the way
I “hide” them

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Thanks for the advice. I like to do digital realism. I live and die by references.

You did a good job with her mouth and her teeth. Teeth and eyes are challenging to use the right tone of gray.

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YESSS you know it !!!
:sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

I like doing it as realistic as possible

defiantly not talented enough to do realism

I’m working on the MC’s ear. I think I am going to stop now because I’m bored.

I have a crazy idea. It would be cool to have digital art teams, like writing teams. We could get our art done faster, it’s an opportunity to collaborate, and we could move on when we get bored.

As long as the art styles line up for consistency it could be fun.

For example, one artist could block out everything, another could come in with details, and the final artist would shade and highlight.

All artists that participated would get credit.

Something to think about.


I added her hair and completed her ear.

Remember to share your progress with your masterpieces I would love to see your work as it develops from a sketch to a finished composition.

Ok this is dope

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Latest rendering. It’s still a work in progress!! :crazy_face:

For the large hand with cross fingers, I was thinking either a pink gold ring or yellow gold. It will be placed on the index fingers. What makes sense for the overall composition. Let me know what you think.

I am rendering a lot today!!! It’s a great way to spend Christmas Eve!

Our male lead has facial hair!!! Bravo, Bravo!!!

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I gave the guy hair now. It’s time for a break!! Merry Christmas to those that celebrate.

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