Cover art and overlay help

Hi can someone plz make me a cover art, and an arm overlay plz???

I can do the arm overlay but I don’t have time for the cover…

ok thank you
i will show you my charcter

Can I fo the cover?

srry i already have someone doing that but can u do the overlay plz

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Sure, wut do u need?

Ok i need the girls arm to be bent as if she was huggong some one

Oh ok

thx when can i have it?

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Itl tjink today maybe

ok thank you bc i do need it as soon as possible

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Im almost finished

ok thank you so much

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Its really bad

You can ask someone else… if you dont like it

no its good thank you

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Sorry I was offline cauz I’m in class. Do you still need any help?
Cauz @Allie_Episode already did the arm overlay.