Cover Art and Profile Picture Art

Hi! I am creating a new story and I am in need of an artist who is able to do an amazing limelight cover! Since I am creating a story I’d also want to have a Profile photo for my Instagram. If you can do either or maybe even both please just respond down below! Thank you! :smiley:

I can do either

Really? Thank you!

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Should I post the details for the cover?

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I don’t know how to do edit well but I can do the cover of you would like… EpisodeStudio would love to help!!!

Yes please!

Would you mind doing my profile photo?

Alright, just a minute.

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I can try :grimacing: I have done a few

Okay, just a few minutes an I will post all the details.

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Sounds good!!! :laughing:

I decided to change the style to ink, is that still alright?


I’m better with ink… lol

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Alright, Here are the details for the story cover.

And here are the details for the profile photo.

Yeah I am very good at INK!

Waitt…@ChayChay and @ElizabethReese who is doing the cover?

You are doing the cover and she will do the profile photo. Of course if you both still can! :smiley:

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I can do whatever… :grin:

About to start…