Cover art and splashes needed please!

Hey I need a cover and just casual art to go into my story every now and then if you can make this for me please tell me I really need help! Thanks!

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I’d like to try doing a background art for you!
But might take me long to make one.

Thank you so much what information do you need?

I just need to know what your story is about, preferences and what the characters would look like

Also, can you dm me so we can talk about it more and what you’d like on your cover art

Title: Mystical Element
Author: Mysterious

Any preferred poses for them and maybe theme?

Umm their elements by their hair color! And no poses dont matter but the boy with the red hair shoukd face away from the group

I could try and do a splash if you need one

This includes sound

can you send the details if any please

There arent any you can do it free and ill use anything you produce