Cover art! Artists needed :)


I was just wondering whether anyone would like to make some cover art for me as I am new to it and simply cannot get the hang of it. Please message me and we could talk about the necessity’s :slight_smile:

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Hi, I know an artist but they are commissions, she does a good job and she is not expensive at all :blush:

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Who is it?? :slight_smile: I would love some help


I can do it if your interested

@Lady_Cannella :wink:

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Could I see some of your work, just to see if It is the style I am going for?

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Yeah sure!


You can check out my commissions for more examples: Merr’s art commissions[OPEN]

Thank you :blue_heart:
@Sabine you can check the link and you’ll find everything :hugs:

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Are you willing to pay? I mean, take commission? If not, I sometimes take requests, and since they’re in episode style, they’re free.