Cover Art Café ☕ [closed to catch up]

hi! this is my cover thread à la “café” where i will be providing covers. i will only be accepting a few requests at a time, because i’m reeaaallly slow. everything here is free. if you need a cover urgently, this is not the right place! please read the rules.

we are CLOSED!!

i. patience (and respect) is key! these covers take me a long time & lots of effort.
ii. once i accept your order, you are not allowed to request elsewhere.
iii. i’m more inclined to accept if the story is published. however, if it isn’t published yet, you need to have at least one episode done. for proof, send me a shared story link in your form.
v. please credit me within the first chapter (if you don’t want a watermark).
vi. claim your cover within 72 hours or i will make it a premade!
vii. i reserve the right to reject your order.
Viii. sootballs are the best!! (password)

check this q&a if you still have questions before asking. and if you still do, shoot me a message!
go here to see if your request has been accepted.

menu (examples):
don’t steal!! these are my own works & intellectual property
sooo these examples aren’t the best for showcasing but i don’t have many recent ones. (left one was done super fast so i could get a recent sample, right one is pretty old because i’m lazy right now.) i’ll update it eventually :3

place your order here:
n/a; currently closed. check back soon.

thanks for dropping by! <3


OHMYGOSH These are amazing!

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thank you!! <33 just realized they’re a bit small and hard to see–oh well xD

HOLY SMOKES! These are so good! I would be so grateful if you accepted my order! :slight_smile:

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thanks, you’re so sweet! i’ll check your order out shortly. also realized there was a bit of an issue with the character description part, so sorry bout that. :sweat_smile:

OMG! HOW CAN SOMEONE BE SO TALENTED?!:heart_eyes: Um quick question… what do you mean by “password” on the form. Like password to what?

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These covers are absolutely AMAZING!

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read the rules. :slight_smile:

These covers are amazing!!!

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your order is ready, @bethanyk14
“Gang Affiliated” - small & large cover

(open in a new tab for full size)

thank you for ordering! feel free to ask for changes.

WOW! Thank you so much, this is amazing and I love it! :heart_eyes:

Submitted :blush:

I’ve had enough.

I just have to request something from youuuu! :heart_eyes:

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glad you like it! <3

In the rules it says we cannot request from anyone else but can I request splashes because you only do cover art?

yes, you can order anything else! you can also order one size of a cover from me, and another from someone else. :slight_smile:

I know that you are closed, but I can wait for a cover.

Closing due to one month of inactivity :slight_smile: