Cover Art Competition xx


Oh ok!


ye everyone can x


ok guys, quick update here:
I am hopefully going to be publishing this on the 30th August x
Can everyone have sent their finished (and if you really want to; edited) cover’s to me by the 14th?
I will probably move the deadline forward xd

Ok, tysm
Faith x
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Got it! So send in the covers by August 14!

#69 Can i redo mine?


Ofc! X


I’ve only done a cover so far and only included the three main characters as I felt the cover would be too crowded with your resident popular/bitch as you put it.

artwork by calico_episode

I can do a large cover as well when I have more time but for now I’ll leave this with you.


That’s so good x


Ok im not going to redo, but i just wanted to ask… When are the deadline?


The deadline is the 14th August @CecilieCreate


Ok thx


OK, so unfortunatley I am away for the next three days so I will be choosing the winner’s on the 16/17th xx




Here’s my entry



OK, sorry for the few days I was away, but I have chosen two winners…

I loved ALL of them

The winner of the large cover: @Rac5hel
The winner of the small cover: @SocialButterfly

Well done to all of you, and please read my story when it publishes xx


Awwww really thanks so much :sparkling_heart::tulip:


Sweet! Thank you soooo much!


When you credit me credit me under my IG account @socialbutterfly.episode and if you can say that that’s my ig account username. Thx :heart_eyes: