Cover Art Contest: Partners in Crime [CLOSED]

Hey! I edited the original entry with a more vibrant orange! Lemme know if this works or I might just change the entire colour of the pants itself :blush:

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Thanks! I’m sorry ):
It was probably really annoying to change it

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No it’s really ok! (:

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I have an important announcement…

I’m sorry to say that I am probably canceling the contest. I feel so guilty saying this, but I feel that there just aren’t enough people entering/thinking of entering. There’s only a week left until the deadline, yet only three contestants have submitted. :pensive: It just seems unfair to pick winners when there are so few people.

I understand that this can be disappointing, especially to all the awesome artists and editors who have participated. I feel bad that all your hard work and effort which went into creating these was all for nothing. That’s why I am deciding to still give out prizes! Like I’ve said, it seems unfair to pick cover winners with so few people, so all contestants will receive the (almost) exact same prize. Click on “prize” for more details.


-Honorable mention in story
-Art is featured as splash in story
-New follower on Episode
-I read 3 episodes of a story of your choice (you can pick one of your own stories :slight_smile: )
-You appear as a side character in my story
@sim_epi I’ll be reading 6 episodes instead of 3, because you had to edit your submission

I don’t think of particularly creative prizes, so… if you have a suggestion just let me know. Again, I feel so bad about canceling :disappointed:


Aw it’s ok!

:pleading_face: I appreciate this so much! But, I don’t have any published stories out atm! And the editing didn’t even take that long so it’s really ok!

Don’t be! I’m sure everyone understands! :blob_hearts:

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I hope I’m not being more problematic but I can’t actually upload your covers as splashes… apparently they’re all too small. What should I do…? Do you want to resize your art or find another way? I might be able to upload these as overlays; I’ll try that now


It’s okay!

I tried using an image resizer and this is how that turned out :grimacing:

In my opinion it looks a bit stretched out compared to the original, so I would recommend using an overlay! But if you don’t think it makes a difference then you can upload the image I resized above as a background! (:

No, it’s alright! I’m using an overlay; I cropped the edges and it looks like it fits. Is this okay with you? It kept on telling me that the image is too big so I had to change the size… let me know which one you prefer.

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I think it looks good just the title and my watermark is cut off a bit, but it should be fine (:

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I’ll resize it!

Ya you can do whatever

No, I actually found a way to resize yours, you’re good

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