Cover Art Contest

:red_circle:Cover art contest!:red_circle:

Description: 50 years ago everyone on earth were secluded into one area by the government and were forbidden to leave. No one knew why they were their. No on knew who their real parents were, No one knew where their real parents were because all family’s were assigned. Someone goes missing and they are assumed to be on the outside of this haven. Will you escape this ‘Haven’ and save the love of your life with the help of your six friends?

Details: 7 black figures in shape of an episode character with arms crossed. I would like them to be in a shape of a pyramid the Main character would be the point and the other six on the two sides. 3 on each side. Main character as point. The three girls will have afro (girl version),another will have Long straight hair, and the other will have a hijab. The three guys will have afro (guy version), another will have short messy curls, and the third guy would have a random hairstyle (due to character customization). And the point of the triangle/pyramid [Main Character] will also be random (due to character customization). <— That is just to you’ll outline the hair right with the black figure. Please make sure they are in shape of episode character. Choose any background that you believe would go with description.

Dm me on instagram @Episode.khep or Private message me.

Whoever does the best gets a character in my story and a shoutout.



I don’t really get what you want :confused: