Cover Art Creator Here


Hello, I have recently found a love for editing and creating art. I also am a writer but currently has no energy to write and would rather relax with some art!
I will include examples down below and I cannot promise you they are the best but they are something.
Each cover will take 1-2 days depending on how complex each piece is

Feel free to comment here or private message me

Chloe x



I want one


Message me your ideas or put it on here!


give me a minute


Okay :slight_smile:


It should say

Stop bullying And do the right thing

I want this character in it


Author name?


I love your profile :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Created it myself :slight_smile:
Took about 2 hours ahah


Do you have a preferred background?
And author name?


it a splash





I’ll get to doing it right now :slight_smile:


You want this background or something like this??


something like this


Right- I’ll try :slight_smile:


Is it okay if I do it from a front view or do you really want a side view??




Alright :slight_smile: