Cover Art Design?


Hey Episodians!:wink::wave:t3:

So I was wondering if I should keep my current Covers for my Upcoming Story Crazy Life
or if you guys would like to do a better one!

  • The Story is about a Girl named Hannah who lives with her Sister, since her Parents both died. When she was in Kindergarden, ALEX used to bully her but now he likes her. Hannah doesn’t like Alex cause he’s a f-boy. Hannah’s is aswell very clumsy and can be dumb sometimes.

Here are the Covers I currently have:

Hope anyone would do a better one! As a Thank you, I will add you to a Episode of the Story!



It’s really good! I like it and I think the final decision is really yours. But if you want to change it, I’d be glad to do the cover. :blush:


But again, I think it’s great, and you should do whatever you like!


Hmm… Could you do one for me?




What do you want on it? And can you give me the description of all the characters on screen. (If you want specific clothes, those too.)

And a time limit would be fabulous, but not too short please. (Helps me work)


Hmmm… well of course Hannah should be on the Cover, since shes the Main Character.

But I don’t like really know what would look nice. Since its a Romance Story, create something
involving Hannah and the Bad Boy.

PS: I’m gonna change the Title now to “Bad and Beauty”
I will give you one week time to do one, since i don’t know how fast you are.

Thanks again.


Ok great! Just need the characters details of how they look


Sorry to bother you, but I really would like to know what you want on your cover, so I can start working


Sorry, that I only awnser now!

Please make the Cover like this:

  • All Characters stand behind HANNAH (YOU SHOULD NOT SEE THEIR LEGS).
  • Hannah stand in center and infront of all Characters.
  • The Pose their doing, i will be showing them down :point_down:t2:


Tessa(Hannah’s Sister):

Alex(Bad Boy):

Ashley(Hannah’s BFF):

Could you add any good Background, cause i have no idea what to choose.


Oh and the Title and my name should be on top!

Try also to make a Small Cover having just the Name of the Story, My Name and Hannah On it!


Okay, I’ll get both done by the 17 of July or before.


Great, thanks!


I can examples are on this


Thanks, thought @black_jack is going to do one for me already! :smiley: :+1:


Here’s the small cover. I’ll do the big cover in a couple of minutes. And send it


And here’s the big cover ! I hope you like both :wink:




Thanks so much @black_jack for doing the Covers, I like them!

Sorry thought that I’m only awnsering now,
cause I have been in Holidays camping and had no Wifi. :sunny::man_playing_water_polo:

As I said, I will add you to a Episode as a thanks for doing the Cover! :smile:


No problem! I really enjoyed making them :blush: