Cover art for a new story!

Hello all! I am currently in need of some cover art (both big cover art and small) for my story. The story is titled “Royal Pains.” I quite like the style of the cover on the story “Filthy Royals.” I’m not sure who the cover artist is for that story, but if anyone is familiar with the cover art I like it a lot! I was hoping for the face of a blonde character with blue eyes and warm pink lips. Thank you so much!


What does the Filthy Royals cover look like? I might be able to and talk to you more about making it if I knew what it looked like :blush:

Hi! Thank you so much, however I just found a cover artist this morning. So sorry, but I’ll keep you in mind for future stories!

Yea! No problem :grin:

Are you interested in doing my cover :smiley:? If not do you have any open artist suggestions?

Are you looking for drawn art? Or like an edited cover?


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Closed by OP request. :smiley: