Cover Art for a new story

Hey everyone!
I have been very inactive but I have decided to not give up and actually post a story! I have come up with an idéa that I really love and the only thing I need now is a cover for the story.

The story is called Tiny Dancer and is about a young woman moving to a different country where she got a job to work as an employee, maid during the day, and dancer during the night in a hotel.
It’s a romance book, the main love interest is the hotel owner, but he has a dark secret…

I really need someone to do me an art cover because I don’t know how to.
I do have some special requests:

  • I want the main character and the main love interest in the art scene. We can discuss what the poses should be like based on your skills and what you think is more fun!

  • I need the person taking this job to be able to draw tattoos in, on the love interest.

  • I am not going to pay for the art scene, I would have loved to support you, but I don’t actually know if this is something I want to invest in, hope you understand!

I would really love it if the same person keeps cooperating with me, making art scenes for me.
Please let me know if you are up for the job <3