Cover art for "follow his lead"

Hey I’m looking for someone who is making covers…
You can dm me if the plot is interested for you

Title: Follow his lead
By: Melanin.vel
Chapter 1-4 (more to come )
Genre Romance

Erick doesn’t wants his daughters to end up having affairs with criminals. His youngest daughter Crystal Salerno (22) is forced to have a relationship with Alex. She had to stay untouched for him.
But what happens when Crys and Alex moves in? It seems like Alex doesn’t wants Crys neither.
What will happen will Crystal doublecross those who loves her?
Lovers, Cheaters, Haters, Romance, Crime, Comedy, Drama, Brokenhearts, Fights,… All in one

Hi Episode.vel, just wondering what do they look like and the posing and backround? Do you want any special art or tattoos/earrings?

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Main characters:
Yes tattoos also
Can I dm you?

yes you can dm me

i make covers! here are some of my examples :slight_smile:


if you don’t already have it; we’d love to do it. pm us or email us at