Cover Art For My First Story Needed

Okay Anything Cute Will Do, But I’m Thinking It Being In Front Of A Beautiful Garden, Felix (The Boy) Holding Emma (The Girl) In The Tightest Hug She’s Ever Received And Has Tears Streaming Down Her Cheeks Coming Outside Of Her Beautiful Crystal Blue Eyes. But Remember That’s Only A Suggestion!

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Do u need the hug?

Yup! I Still Need The Large Cover!

are you making art work???
could i see some???

More like splashes

I mean does the boy need to give the girl the tightest hug?

Maybe nor tightest but definitely most comforting

Can u send me the boy but he’s facing backright?

Of Course Just Give Me A Minute.

Here He Is

Okay could you make one where Ther stands this story uses Sound so please turn up the volume. And ther are like a skyeblue background. And one where ther stands this story uses Magore theams and strong language. With a Black background. Hope you Will make it

I just came back from school.

I’ll try to make the cover and splash.

Do u need any pictures or just words?

Is this good for the garden? Or do u want something else?

Here :point_down:

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Hope u like it.

The first one some head phones and With a note comming out of it.

And the second one a Girl WHO shh

Can u send me the girl? Any

I love it!