Cover Art For My Newest Story!


Hello everybody! I am creating a new story and need some cover art for it. I am looking for somebody experienced with covers, and who could show examples of previous works (This might sound a little picky, but I want to make sure the person’s style is of one I like for my story). If you are able to do so please reply! It would mean the world to me, thank you so much and have a fantastic rest of your day!


I could help! Why don’t you DM me?




Hi! I’m Sophbee and I would like to help you with your cover :grin: My thread is currently closed right now but I’m open for a few requests. Here are some of my arts :

Check out my thread for more arts! ==> Sophbee's Free Splashes, Character Edits and More ! (CLOSED) (WILL REOPEN 2/6 + UPDATES)

PM me the details if you’re interested! Thanks :sparkling_heart:


I can Help as well if you would like


My examples