Cover Art For My Story, Anyone?


Would anyone be willing to create my cover art for my story?


Sure, come to me and Abbey’s thread LINK :smiley:


I could help I find you still need someone


THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH! What specific details do you need?


Characters details:
Pose for character(s):
Any more specific details or things you’d like to add:


Alright, just give me a second :slight_smile:


@brvnda I finished your edit.


@Jayla12 OK, so …

Character details: I would like my main characters in the cover…


Pose: Can you do a side angle of them smiling and looking at each other?


Title: You Only Live Twice

Extra: Can you add a warmish filter to the edit?


@brvnda Noted, thank you for telling me :slight_smile:


Can you screenshot the characters details for me?


Also what do you mean by side angle?


Sorry, I’m new at this… what other details? do you mean the names and stuff?


Side angle meaning side view… the characters facing each other.


No, like the

skin tone:
Hair color:
Hair style:
Eye color:
Mouth color:
For both characters.


Did it not come through to you? I sent them. or do you need me to specify?


I got the pictures but I need the details.


do you still need it


I can help


so i type them to you, correct?


Yes please.
But you can always screenshot the details.