Cover art for my story 😊

Hey! I would need someone who could make some nice covers for my story, with the characters on it. I’d be very happy if someone could even draw and paint! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


You need to add more details. What style? Realistic, cartoon, episode style? Commissioned or free? How many characters?

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Limelight, more like realistic and i’d like it more for free, 3 characters.

most realistic art cost money

Realistic style is impossible to find for free. It’s going to cost commission. You will have to find and episode style artist if you want one for free. That or edited. Some cartoon artists will do free, but that’s hard to find.

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Yeah, i get that :blush:

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Not really but most yeah-

I know a few people on Instagram who do realistic art for free, but you’ll have to check if their requests are open. If you like, I can drop some handles?


Sure, i’d love that! :blush:

These ppl take requests, but you’ll have to check their waitlists and/or if they’re open to doing them:


I would also recommend asking groups like @/episodeaxiom and @/episaviors, as they have really, really good artists working in their teams!


I recommend you to check out the

It free and the covers are really beautiful! You just need to credit them for their hard work!