Cover art for my story ^.^!


Hi! I recently got back into episode and decided to write a story, can anyone assist me with cover art? Please provide examples below!


I can!


I can try!
Here are some!



Here are some examples or mine.


If they are not doing the art… @Episode.Harmony is amazing




I work very hard on my art work!


Opps I am super sorry I meant to say “if they are not doing the art” I am so sorry I know that sounded rude


If you still need someone you can see my examples by clicking Here…


Oh right I’m sorry. Hah just a misunderstanding.


Thank you for understanding:)


Yes of course if your group would like to do it go ahead.


Oh no I am not a part of the group I was just suggesting an art group:)


Oh lol.


Well then would anyone else like to do it? I honestly don’t care much.