Cover art for story

hi, I’m looking for someone that would be able to do a cover for my story, also some art for the warning page (warning this story contains swearing and mature themes), I’ve never requested art work before so I’m really not sure how it all works etc… if anyone could help me out that would be fantastic! thanks.

That’s just it I’m not 100% sure, Ild like my two mc’s to be on it but they look a certain way, ive not done it so they can be customised, shes got beach wave hair, black, toffee skin, white eyes, classic mouth and soft natural nose, he had black cropped hair, stubble face, button nose, small round mouth and green eyes, maybe have them looking at each other both holding a gun, they are together but shes also his boss, if that makes sense. the story is called secrets lies and love.

Thank you so much.

I can

bossyroxy I have been signed out of that account and had to make this one, Ill try do it now, thanks