Cover Art For Unannounced Story

Hey! I am in need of a cover for a story I have not announced yet. I would prefer for and kind of need it to be free due to me not having the money right now to commission one.

Therefore, I am looking for recommendations to people who have free commissions open or if you are an artist wanting to help me out, let me know via Instagram @episodegarden.

I could give further details regarding the story cover via Instagram DM, just not on here due to me not wanting to give up the details of the story here publicly before the story is announced.

Thanks so much.

Are you looking for a drawn cover or edited?
How many characters?

preferably drawn but I would be open to edited as well.

number of characters: 2

thanks for asking that, that is definitely important.

You’ll have to check an art shop. Most editors won’t just go around looking for threads like this.

an art shop? do you have any reccomendations?

There’s lots on here.

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Thank you so very much!

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