Cover art [free]

Hey! I’m very new to episode but I heard there’s a few people who were looking for artists to do them a story cover. I’ll be happy to help! (Depending on what you would like done, it could take a while as I am not a very skilled artist - but I will try my best and do it as quickly as I can.)

Here is some of my art so far (Some of them aren’t completed yet)

Pm me any requests with details :blush:
(Also, please don’t steal these art pieces as I may be using them myself - thank you :heart:)


They are amazing!
Can you do me a small cover?


i love your work


@molly247 yeah, of course - pm me the details :slight_smile:


Skin: Tan
Head shape: Defined Triangle
Eyebrows: Thin Arch
Eye shape: Deepest Piercing (white)
Hair: Short Cropped
Nose: Button
Lips: Uneven (Taupe)
So umm I liked your first style, can you do one like that?

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@line123462 Thank you :blush:

Umm can you do like just Sydney and Nicola? Like both of them cuddling together

@molly247 Ok. I’ll do my best. Are they lovers or friends?

Lovers :joy: Hey take your time!

Haha ok cool. And thank you :blush:

Thank you @amywinston;)

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Do we have to pay for these? So many people have been charging for their work, which is nowhere NEAR this good. If you don’t, can you make me one?

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Nope, I don’t charge anything. :slight_smile: And sure, can you pm me the details?

Hello, pls call me Kalinda. I want to have a small cover art. Here are the details
Character Details:
Body color: Fair
Eyebrow shape: Medium Soft Arch
Hair: Straight (Black)
Eyes: Upturned Feline (Brown)
Face Shape: Soft Heart
Mouth: Full Round (Cherry Red)

Clothes Used

Trendy Black Top

Black Short Pencil Skirt

Small Fishnets

Hip Rocker Bracelet

Hip Rocker Boots

Black Boho Feather Earrings

Please make a witch hat to cover half of the character’s face like this:
Halloween. Sexy witch portrait. Beautiful young woman in witches hat with long curly red hair
You can decorate the witch’s pointed hat.



Sure :slight_smile: Would you like me to include a title or just the art?

Just art pls

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(it’s a small cover)

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Your work is amazing!! You’re so talented do you mind doing me a cover!! These are the two characters (they are lovers) and can you try doing them so she’s behind him and she has one arm around him and he’s holding it with his left hand and he’s holding a gun in the other I don’t know if that makes sense sorry I’m bad at explaining things. Please let me know if you can!!

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Sure, I’ll try my best! Is the girl scared or anything? And is the guy pointing the gun in front of him? :slight_smile: (also could you send me the background)

No the girl is happy kinda showing her man off lol! And yes sort of he’s pointing the gun like upwards holding it kinda showing it to the readers…(Also you can you change her outfit to like the girl has in your first sample?) Here’s the background:

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