Cover art? (free)

So, I’ve been really needing cover art for my story, I want a realistic type because I’ll be using it for the cover. But since I’m asking it to be free (which I feel so bad about) it can any style. Thank you so much…

Hey, guys some great artists already are making one and I don’t know how to close this topic so I just wanted to tell you guys!!!


bump ! also, when is your deadline for the cover and when would you need it by?

About 1-2 weeks I don’t have a specific date! If it takes longer I won’t rush.

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i’ve never tried with more of a realistic look before, but i do have a cover that’s due this friday that i’m experimenting a LL/realistic style with. So after friday I could start on your cover if you wanted! Just so I can get a feel for a realistic style before I start on yours :))

omg thank you! and I’m sure you are great!!

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no problem ! how should i contact you to get information abt the cover?

also, you just have to tag @Sydney_H and ask her to close the topic :))

Thank you! you can contact me at @best_episodestory on instagram…

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@Sydney_H can you please close the topic?


okay! i’ll contact you after my school’s over !

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Closed by OP request. :smiley: