Cover Art Guidelines

Hey! If I found digital art I liked online, and I made cover art using it would it go against the guidelines because I’m not the one that painted it? It’s still pending review.

Does anyone know?

I think it might because it’s someone else’s so it might be copyrighted.

Would I have to keep their signature to let it go through? I’ve seen some other art that’s made me believe its okay but im still not sure

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i am pretty sure it is not allowed but i have seen a lot of people do it. i did it too with my first story but i have changed the cover since

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Well I would recommend asking the person who made the art if It’s okay.

Thank you, Its just random art I found on Pinterest but I’ll try.

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Yeah Pinterest is not the place to go in my opinion. Alot of people say that you get copyrighted when you get stuff off of there. That’s what I’ve been told atleast.

If I get the artists permission how would episode know?

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or should I leave credit where its clearly visible?

Dangit. I didn’t think of that. Maybe just don’t use it I guess. I suck at helping people oof.

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Haha okay thank you though!

Does anyone else know?

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I wouldn’t use it, because as she said it could be copyright and the artist might not want it used for this purpose. I would go on an art thread and ask for a cover. (I would volunteer if you don’t mind waiting) And if you don’t want it digitally drawn then you will have to make what you want using non-copyright images (Or free images)
That’s just my opinion, hope it helps luv!

Oh and can you put the picture that you want to use for your cover? I am just curious as to what it is!


I could always add credit of the artist by writing their name but I still don’t know if that makes it okay

In my opinion I wouldn’t use it because I’m sure the artist didn’t create it for an episode story and even if you edited it , it’s still his/ her work


Okay thank you, I’m just gonna keep the original cover I had

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Marked as solved and closed. Thanks!