Cover Art Help For Story

Hello there!
I would like cover art done for all my stories but I guess that’s too much to ask so I’ll go with one story for now and request others later…or not :thinking:
I am looking for someone to help me with this as I would highly appreciate it and I have no idea how to make a stunning cover (seriously, I use powerpoint to make mines :sweat_smile: )
Also, any suggestions of people who create covers would be very nice to know : )
I know somewhat how to use PicsArt and have used Photoshop once-only once and that was long time ago so I suck at this area : (
And I had someone tell me my covers are very plain…since they are all doing the same pose and everything…hmm :upside_down_face:
I will give credit (duh, of course) :heart:
And it would be cool to see some epic examples XD
Thank you for taking your time to read this and any help is very much appreciated.
Have a great day, you lovely souls!


I want to help

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I would recommend episode bliss?? I make covers but requests aren’t open because I was getting a lot of hate, so if you ever need a background I could help with that

But yes Episode Bliss is amazing

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I can show you my covers I have done if you want!


I can help


Thank you @epsd.ama for the suggestion and thank you so much for the responses!
I actually wanted to replace all of my stories with covers-but have stuck to 1 for now-but maybe I can pick 2 of my stories- @Chesirekitten101 can help me with one and @Bethany1 can help me with my other story-that is if you’re OK with that!
I will NOT be requesting anywhere else and I will give credit, so don’t worry! :heart:


Episode harmony is


That works for me I messaged you some covers I did. :slight_smile:

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I could help with a large cover since I lost my small cover format

Here’s the only example I could find on my phone


Do you want examples

Sure : )
And @zoe4564 that cover is epic :wink:



You people are dedicated.

@JemU776 Can you give me the link of your last story ?


@Mary-P you want me to give you the link of my story that I’m not getting a cover for, right? :sweat_smile::heart:

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Examples are amazing :sunglasses::heart:

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Can I PM you? :heart:

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I see you already have people who have said they’d do it but I see you also said you want covers for multiple stories so I’d be happy to do one :slight_smile:

I have three styles.

This is style 1

This is style 2

This is style 3

(Btw any art style can be done with any episode character style.)


I can help!

That would be amazing : )
And also thank you @Raybadem for offering help too : )
All of you are fantastic!