Cover Art Help For Story

If you haven’t found anyone Episode harmony can :heartpulse:

Three amazing, wonderful artists have helped me and graced me with their fabulous presence :sunglasses:
And thank you for the suggestion <3
You’re awesome :wink:


Aww you’re welcome. Always happy to help when and we’re I can. :blush::blue_heart:

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Thanks! :kissing_heart:

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No problem :blush: Thank you.


Woud it be possible if you could make me a cover for my new story?

Hi, I don’t do cover requests (this thread was me asking for others with help in getting a cover made) so I have no idea why you asked that :sweat_smile:
Unless you want a lame PowerPoint made cover, it’s best if you check out other people’s threads that deal with covers (there are tons of threads that have people who make covers or you could make your own thread, asking for one, and put it in art resources-plenty of awesome people will help you out.)
Good luck with everything! :sparkles:

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Did everything work out for you? :grin::crystal_ball:

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Thanks for the concern, no-one did one for me.
Would it be ok if you made me one?


I can help you @lillyxx00


Do you need the details. Also, how long would it take to make.



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Please request here. How quick do you need it?

About 10 minutes. It’s okay if you need more time.


X x X

I can do it request on the thread above @lillyxx00

Well, I wasn’t expecting anyone to request for cover art on this thread from me lol especially since the description of the thread is quite clear, I hope…:sweat_smile:
@Episode.Cameronwrite and @lillyxx00 I hope everything worked out and an amazing cover is on the way! :green_heart:
P.S Remember if you’re looking for someone to make you covers for your stories, you should either make a thread to request for cover art, and once you have what you need, you can close it-or you can look for people who take cover requests in Art Resources. But, please, remember, to read what the description in the thread says-it is very important we understand what the purpose of a specific thread is : )

Also, if you come across someone’s cover art examples that you can like, see if they have a request thread. Perhaps even PM them.

Hope these tips are helpful and if I made any mistakes, my apologies but I’m only human :sunglasses:


Seriously all of these covers are so awesome I can spend a lot of time admiring them ^^

Rock on! :sparkling_heart:

@Sydney_H may you close this topic, please and thank you? :sparkling_heart:

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Topic closed by OP request. :smiley: