Cover art help, I cant make the background look good

I made this art as a cover for my story, but nothing I do with the background looks good, my idea dont work, I tried looking for royalty-free stuff to use but can’t find any. so now I hoped someone else would help me make this look good. I tried many different backgrounds and I just dont like anything,

this is my drawing. my story is title Scorn Heir


Maybe try


I tried that, it looks weird. I have edited, it just won’t work with the picture

Hey love can you please show me how it looks with your desired bg and perhaps I could help ?

Maybe just tell me what kinda bg u need

I dont really have a desired one. I orginally actually wanted the background @RileyWrites mention, but trust it dosent work with the picture, I have tried evry angle on it, I have bent it I have moved it, they dont work together, show now I need something new and I dont know what

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Oh okay… I’d be back with some idea if I get something subtle for your art :wink:

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I messed around with the throne room to see if I could make something work - idk but I think this angle looks alright?

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yeah if they were giants.

its the same thing I thought when I made it, they look giant compared to the room. the room dont work, I know, I done it, if it worked I wouldn’t be needing help. I know how to edit, I have tried with that background it looks out of proportion no matter what.

I am sorry if I sound ungrateful I am truly grateful for the help

Yeah that’s fair! I guess the perspective isnt steep enough

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Are u happy with it? I just messed up with shadows if u like them use them if u don’t just let me know love :heart:


I’ve really tried to fit the characters in the room it this one for they don’t look bigger than they should be :point_down:

The grey thing isn’t any border it’s my phone screen :sweat_smile:

I’m sorry for this but I thought of adding the title…
I know the font and all is quite weird but … I don’t know