Cover Art Help Needed Quick!

I’m wondering how do I get a character to put her foot up and have a male sitting there:

But with limelight

And also how do you make art?

As an editor myself, I mostly get parts from other animations. (E.x. the flirt_fingersnap animation, I take the hand and use it to create something.) Editing itself will take some practice and patience though. But most editors use Ibispant X, Medibang Paint, Procreate, (not free) ect… I use Ibispaint X and Procreate. Hope this helped :slight_smile: :purple_heart:

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It did, really. Thank you!

Ofc! :purple_heart:

you can get ibis paint x for free (i have it) you need to download bluestacks and its basically like having an android on your computer if that makes sense since the app is mobile just search it up!

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