Cover art help please :)

Hello! I am just asking if someone would make a cover for me… I just made a story and I have attempted to make a cover and it did not go well lol! I guess i’m not very artistic!
If needed, here are some details for my story.


Female, skin tone - Rose04, Hair color medium brown, Eye color gray.


Something fancy, like a formal gown lol…
I honestly don’t have a specific outfit in mind, you can choose whatever ( but i would like her to wear the necklace: Lock Necklace Metal Gold.
But if you need me to pick something (to wear)i can.


I don’t have a specific backround, but i have a suggestion…
I had envisioned the character to be overlooking a kingdom (or a large town), she could be looking over a balcony, or a window etc.

I would like something to make her look like she is worried/nervous/awkward… but also aligning with the backround/how she is looking over everything. (If you need an animation name please let me know, i’m actually not sure which animation exactly.)


The story’s name is Starting over.


The author name is Amanda J,
Also in regards to crediting you… If you would like to put (whatever you would like me to credit you on) somewhere in the cover I would totally be okay with that, and if not please let me know how to correctly credit you! I would love to credit you for the work you have helped me with!

If you need any other details or this is too many please let me know!

Thank you so much, I would really appreciate this!

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Thank you!
You can choose her hairstyle, I don’t really have a preference lol.
I would prefer if her eyebrows were the same as her hair, so Medium Brown.
And whatever eye/lip you want :slight_smile:
Thank you so much!

If you still need it, I maybe able to help or @!!Natasha.Brown1 is a good artist too!

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Thanks I’m actually in the middle of writing 2 different stories… So if you want I can give you the details for another story :slight_smile:

Alright, Ya can pm me for the details.

Thanks! I pm’ed you!

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