Cover Art Help!]


Hey guys! So I’m really excited to start my new story by the 30th of this month… the only problem is that I’ve wasted my photoshop trial and since I’m on a mac I can’t reset it, that’s the only editor I know how to use. I’m looking for someone who’s really skilled in making cover art (please provide examples)

I can send you the character details, and I’d like it to be done by June 1st if possible. Thank you!


I can help


I can have it done in 2 days at most


hi xgreeni,
I just made my cover art yesturday and got it approved. For free editing apps I reccomend Wattpad Story Covers by Canva
Canva Wattpad Story Cover Editor

I think It also has the right dimensions, it not you can always change it in the “custom dimensions” in the canva website.

-Hope this helps and good luck,
isabel :grin:


I might be able to do a small cover (it takes me about a day at the most usually) if you’re alright with not having characters on it. I totally understand if you aren’t though or would just rather have someone else do it. Here are my examples-



I really like yours! Could you make me a small cover?


I love your large covers, could I get one from you?


Sure- just send me the details ^-^
(preferably on this thread, but a PM is okay too)


Yes I can make your large cover please send me the details


Hi if you want some great cover arts or edits ! You should check their thread @epy.blair & @Sofia.M they both know how to make a masterpiece :heart_eyes:


They are both good as well




thank you :heartpulse:


I would but they both seem really busy, they are really good though!


i can help


Can you send me the details so I can do your large cover… I can have it done with 30 mins once I get the info