Cover Art Help?


Can someone help me create an almost life-like look of my characters for a cover please??? I want the two main characters looking at each other close up, the MC (Eris) looking up at MC (Uriah) on the first -the background- I would like to have wind blowing back her hair, with moonlight shining down on them, they are outdoors by a waterfall, and in the second, I want my MC (Eris) winking with her lips/mouth in a somewhat shocked expression looking straight ahead- zoomed in closely. If anyone could help me with this I would forever appreciate you! Also credits will be given if my story does get published.

My characters look like this in LL:


Message me if you are interested or can help please! Thank you!! :blush:





Anyone in our group want to help?


If anyone in your group could help that would be awesome. If not it will be okay.


if she didn’t help go here


yeah sure I’ll help don’t know if I’m part of the group though…


hi, I am part of @Epy.sister.hood and I was assigned to do your cover <3

As I want this cover to be as you want it, I have a few questions :

  1. Do your character’s have emotions (smile rom blush, for example, in the first one)
  2. Can you please send me character details so that I can make the emotions?
  3. Do you want me to write your story’s title? What is its name?
    Do you want me to write “by (your name)” ? If yes, what is your name?
  4. Do I put my signature on it or you would prefer not?