Cover Art Help?

Can someone help me create an almost life-like look of my characters for a cover please??? I want the two main characters looking at each other close up, the MC (Eris) looking up at MC (Uriah) on the first -the background- I would like to have wind blowing back her hair, with moonlight shining down on them, they are outdoors by a waterfall, and in the second, I want my MC (Eris) winking with her lips/mouth in a somewhat shocked expression looking straight ahead- zoomed in closely. If anyone could help me with this I would forever appreciate you! Also credits will be given if my story does get published.

My characters look like this in LL:


Message me if you are interested or can help please! Thank you!! :blush:





Anyone in our group want to help?


If anyone in your group could help that would be awesome. If not it will be okay.

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if she didn’t help go here

yeah sure I’ll help don’t know if I’m part of the group though…

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hi, I am part of @Epy.sister.hood and I was assigned to do your cover <3

As I want this cover to be as you want it, I have a few questions :

  1. Do your character’s have emotions (smile rom blush, for example, in the first one)
  2. Can you please send me character details so that I can make the emotions?
  3. Do you want me to write your story’s title? What is its name?
    Do you want me to write “by (your name)” ? If yes, what is your name?
  4. Do I put my signature on it or you would prefer not?
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