Cover art, need help

Hello there,

I’m currently writing my own story, but I’m still struggling with the cover art. Would someone be interested in doing it for me (paid, if you live in the Netherlands?) I would like to have a sad looking MC, who looks like this;

@DEAN changes into Prince
@DEAN changes hairColor into Fawn
@DEAN changes mouth into Classic
@DEAN changes eyesColor into Blue
@DEAN changes eyebrows into Bushy wide
@DEAN changes nose into Button
@DEAN changes hair into Spiked Up Hair
@DEAN changes face into Square Jaw
@DEAN changes bodyColor into Peach
@DEAN changes eyes into Deepset Piercing
@DEAN changes mouthColor into Terracotta

The name of my story is Just see me, written by EvaThijs

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Do u want it like the character is sad

Yes please

can you show me how the charcter’s look

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okay ill try my best :wink:

when do u want it?

When you want to do it, thanks you so Michael. Have you written a story before?

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yes can you read it ?

if yes

its called “I am your’s” by xjasmine.a

do u want anything written on the cover

Is it called “if yes”

I would like if “Just see me” is written on the cover

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NO NO its called ; I am your’s ; by xjasmine.a

is this good?

It is absolutely beautiful, thank you so much. I will give credits to you. And I will check your story out, mine should be ready by the end of this week

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Your welcome, you don’t have to credit me :slight_smile: