Cover art need!

Hello, I am in need of some cover art for my story “The Blood Moon!” please let me know if you are interested! Thanks! xoxo :kissing_cat:

Here is the main characters in the story and that I need on the cover!!

The girl on left ,the guy on the right!

Here is some information about the two main characters!

  • The girl has powers of all types and through out the story she figures each power out.

*The guy is a vampire who knows about the girls powers and helps her out on figuring them out along the way, but along the way they both fall in love and it goes on through out the story

So the guy is the main love interest in the story!

If anyone can please make the two characters hold each other with powers around them it would be great! But anything works!! thank you all!!

Plus I am new to this.

Instagram~ alyssa.d.episode

Thanks xoxo!

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Hey, I can help you, but could you please give me little information first?

I would love to help you. Here are my examples

@alyssadinkel I can help you if you don’t already have it. You can check out my thread here