Cover art NEEDED a$ap!


Hey guys so i’m in NEED of cover art for my new story, if you’re skilled + know what you’re doing and can do cover art because you’re amazing! please reply and i’ll give you my instagram so i can give you details! thankyou.


Hi! I would love to help you!! But I need a couple of things first!!

  • What is the name of your story
  • Is your story Ink, Limelight, or Classic
  • Do you need it by a certain date
  • How many characters do you want on the cover
  • Do you want a large cover, small cover, or both

Once you answer those questions I can see if I could make you a cover and I will give you some examples!! If I am not able to help you I will tag other artists who could possibly help you!


That’d be awesome do you have a instagram if you do just dm me @shontizzlepisode, but if you don’t ill just explain everything i want on here & tag others also! And i’d love to see your examples?


Yes I have an insta! I’ll dm you right now!