Cover Art Needed and quickly please


I need a cover artist for my story, My True Love. I would just like to have the cover artist to be able to use my 2 main characters. I will specify more information once I have an artist who will volunteer to do my cover of the story. The style of the story is INK and you can also contact me on Instagram to @nightmare.episode.


I would love to do these covers


That would be awesome! Please contact me on my Instagram account if you can so we can talk more! @nightmare.episode


yeah I just sent you a message would you like to see my examples?


Yes I would love too. Sorry I had put the wrong account. @nightmare.s.episode


These outline aren’t made by me I just colored them



They are beautiful.


Thank you!

So do you want me to do your cover?


Yes please! I think your art is awesome!


Can you send me the characters details


Yes I will send you photos of them through DM and details.


Thank you my insta is @Mamlaz or @jossu.episode idc wich one you prefer if you want to contact with me thru insta