Cover Art Needed As Soon As Possible!

Hey everyone!
So I am desperately needing someone to make my cover art so I can publish my story! The person who was suppose to do it backed out on me last minute so now I’m stuck!

For large cover:
I need four people drawn in the large cover in this type of way…
Clothes will be completely different than what is here, I just need this stance with of course a different background.

For small cover:
I need one person drawn this way…

Pretty much identical except no stethoscope and different outfit. If this one is too hard I have a back up plan with this except it requires two people:

Please please please someone help me out so I can publish this!! It would be so much appreciated!

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I do cover art, edited! Both large and small! I will need some more info, so PM me and for what I need, you can check my list on my Art Shop!

I messaged you!!! :smiley:

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