Cover Art Needed Asap!


Hey guys, so I was wondering if anyone could make me a cover art for my story, I will give you the details and how I want it. If interested please comment below and show examples, I’ll pm you if chosen, thank you :heart:


Hey I’d love to help! Give me one second to get examples! :blush:


If this isn’t too much to ask, may I request a story cover or art scene?:grin:


Sure! I’m not too good at art scenes but it depends bae! :purple_heart:
PM me the deets!


Will do and thank you so much :heart:


I can too but if @QueenMilii is perfectly okay to do it, then I’ll let her do it. If you need a backup, I’m always here!


If she has me do something I suck at, I’ll know where to find you @storywriter10! :blush:


Heyyy, do you have any examples I can see


Character Details


I do, but as I said, I suggest seeing @QueenMilii s examples first as she answered this thread before me, and she’s probably better at art than I am… so…

But, yeah here are examples.


image image



I’ll keep that in mind