Cover Art Needed - Catagory Fantasy

Hello, I am a new episode creator and I need your help!
I am looking for an artist to do art for me for FREE
If you are an artist and are willing to help me you can help me by:
Telling me the website you use, creating the art for me, or telling me a good artist that I can use

If you are an artist -
My story is about a girl and her two BFFs. She and her friends are fairies and humans do not know they exist and consider them like a fairytale until she and her friends are forced to go to human high school, also did I mention that the main character is a princess?
My story is named Fairies Versus Reality
Description of characters-
on this google doc
thank you!

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You want someone to create a cover then?

Because I can do it

I can help with a fairly simple edit! You’ll have to be more specific of what you’re wanting though. (Poses, font, placement, background, etc.)


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So do u just make it or do I need to tell u? Pretty much what do I need 2 do!

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If you pm me I’ll tell you what I need.