Cover art needed for ink story (custom pose or free drawn) xx

hi! :3

im currently looking for a cover artist for a new story that im making. i am able to pay for the work, but it would be so nice if you did it for free and i would forever be in ur debt <3. i can pay up to around $15 AUD which is around $12 USD. my story is in the ink format, so i need an artist who can either make custom poses in ink and create a cover around that or free draw in ink. if you’re interested, please comment down on the post with your instagram user and an example or two of your work. thank you so much!!

edit: ive taken a look but the works havent taken an interest to me. so sorry! :’(

iris xx


Hello, I will be grateful to help you with your covers, and no need for you to pay me I actually like making covers. :grin:

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You can scroll through my examples here :point_down: then request if you like.


i would if i could- don’t have my phone tho :pleading_face:

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do u have a platform where u can send ur examples?

You can visit @mk.digitalillustrator on Instagram for examples

I would love to work with you


I can send you my examples on email.

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you can email me at

How many examples would you like?

you can send as many as u’d like, that ones the best describe your work preferably