Cover art needed for my story!



Hey guys! I need art for my stories “Persephone’s Fate” and “The Not So Royal Wedding”. I made my own and you know how that turned out…
Persephone’s Fate- All I ask is Persephone is in the picture! You could add Hades, Demeter, Lucas, or more characters! You can choose the background as long as it goes along with the story.

The Not So Royal Wedding- All I ask is Emily is in it. You can add Bert, Natalia, Carter, Grog, Sarah, or more characters! The background doesn’t matter as long as it goes along with the story.

You can send your art to me through Instagram : @episode_sierrawish
Or you can send here through the comments! Thank you! I will mention you in it!

PLEASE READ AT LEAST TWO EPISODES OF THE STORY TO GET AN IDEA OF WHAT IT IS ABOUT!!! Then if you have any more questions, you can ask me! :grin:


Good evening. How do you create a cover page art for your story?


You just make art that goes with your story, and you go on episode interactive in create story, and you go to the story you made. Then you click the picture icon and put the picture in through your files. Then you publish! All done!


hey, you should change your topic to the right section, art resources, so they wont delete you. :slight_smile:


Babe I’ll make it!
You can request here!
I have four more to finish, but I’ll try to make it ASAP! :kissing_heart:


Ok thank you baaaabbbbeeee!! :heart: