Cover art needed for new horror story


Im going to start making a new horror story and I will need cover art and a small cover as well. I dont have any specific ideas of what i want at the moment so im up for suggestions!


I make cover art…I’ll message you examples


I could!


I can help as well :grin: all my examples are on my insta Art_episode




Wow, those look amazing! :heart_eyes::purple_heart:


Aww thank you!! :heart:


thank you everyone! Im gonna look at everyones stuff and then let you know. Please dont feel offended if I dont pick you, you’re all amazing artists!


OMG you editing so goooddd!




I love looking at art and edits but I seriously suck at making it, no joke :joy:


I’m sure it’s not that bad :joy:




Thank you for your sweet words but sometimes, you know when something is bad and/or you know that you’re not good at it- I’ll stick to writing because I love it, but I believe I still have a lot of room for improvement. But I love your art very much, you have so much talent!!! It would take me a lot of time to get that good but I will spend that time doing other things XD

Have a lovely day, o talented one <3


I didn’t expect this conversation to turn so deep and inspirational :joy: but anyway, the only thing that matters is that you like what you’re doing, if you do, carry on with it and you’ll be awesome :clap:


Same, im editing like idk what XD