Cover Art needed for new story


I’ve been a part of the episode community for a few years now and have decided to write my very first story! If anyone is willing to create a cover please let me know and it would be much appreciated. I don’t currently have any ideas for what it should look like, but I’d be happy to collaborate to find out whats best and easiest for us both. Thanks!

Love always,
Halle A.

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Episode dreams would love to help you!


That would be awesome! May I ask what Episode dreams is? :smile:

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An art group. @Lunar_Rose @meadowh @chesirekitten101 @ms.kate @ChayChay

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Hey what’s up I am Kaitlyn. Do you want me to help?

I am here and I pmed here so dont worry I will invite you when she responds

Still need help??

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