Cover Art needed for Romance Story


I was wondering if there was anyone on here that could make coverart for my story Something About Him (episodes 1-8 currently available)

It is a limelight story and I am not too savvy with photoshop or any other editing software!

I have ideas in my head of what I am looking for and a rough draft that I’ve made myself, however would like it to look more realistic. I can send over the draft and character images to anyone willing to do it for me :slight_smile: I will credit you.


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Episode harmony can we do it for free

Here are my examples

Untitled69-3 Untitled69-2 Untitled69-1 Untitled69 Untitled68

Untitled64 Untitled52

Do you have any other Limelight examples?

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No but Im working on one right now

Theres a limelight example at the top

I’d love to see the finished version or a draft so far?
Have you made any couples covers as the cover I am looking for would be a boy&girl?

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Yes I have

I’m in episode harmony! I can help!