Cover art needed for thriller comp


Hello can anyone help I need a cover for the thriller story comp is anyone avaliable to make it please


I would happily do you need to see some examples of my work
I’m part of


I’m more than happy to help if you’d like :slight_smile:

Here’s the cover art I made for my own thriller story:


You can do my splashes again if you want


Yes please


How would you like it done?


Please tag the group when you find theese posts. We would love to help as well :slight_smile:


Could we do the small of the large one? @ThereISNoregrets and @Hialexhi


Ye I didn’t know how to tag so I just put epi art


Alright you just click that @ and then writell the names :slight_smile: (you shouldn’t do it all alone that’s why we want you to tag lol)


Also it’s epi.sunset in case you forgot lol :joy: :wink:


I will pm you now


I made ur art scene btw… offfff…topppiccccc… eh


Would you want us to do a large or a small as well? :slight_smile:


Can you guys do the splashes I need 3
A splash for each episode opening
An end credit
And a thanks for reading splash

I have some photos of backgrounds to use to help


So you want us to do the splashes?
Epi.sunset @Hialexhi and @ThereISNoregrets we can each do one , she want three :slight_smile:


Yes please


Alright :slight_smile:


Oh and one more I need one that says
About the themes to warn people


I’m sorry I’m not good at splashes