Cover art needed (Free art)

Hello! I am making a new story and I’m drafting the chapters. So I’m in need a cover art, I don’t know what style I want it in, I rather see what you guys have. Of course after you’re done, I will credit you on Instagram and on my story.
Here are the details.

Character 1: Jasmine

Character 2: Jordyn

Pose: Jasmine

Pose 2: Jordyn

Outfits: Jasmine and Jordyn

If anyone wants to do it, comment down below or dm me on Instagram. Thank you!:heart:

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Hiya, I’m not skilled enough to do what you are looking for but I can recommend some people. :heartpulse:

@Roselie does really cute edited covers!
(Sorry if u didn’t want to be tagged)

@melaniesmall does really cute drawn art but her drawn waiting list is full rn but u could wait for a spot.
(Sorry if u didn’t want to be tagged)

I hope this helps! :heartpulse:


Oh thank you!:heart:

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I’m glad I could help! :heartpulse:

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