Cover art needed 🤩 (free)


Does anyone make free art covers? I’m in need of one for my story :smiley:


What kind of thing ru looking for? :relaxed:

U can request in my shop
Lovers or art shop (open)
U can find both edited and drawn in here

I’m looking for realistic drawn covers, but edited covers are fine too :relaxed:

If you’re looking for edited, I can make you one.

Hm. Well, if u want realism, there r sum awesome commission artists on here that can make u smth awesome for money. But if u want free, then u’ll b able to find sum cool editors on here as well, maybe search up ‘art shop’ n see what u can find :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Do you still need someone because i do take requests my IG episode_magda if you would like some examples x

i added you on insta!

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