Cover art needed *payment offered*

u dont want it edited right?

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i just need my characters in a drawn/art format, but edited in what sense? Sorry I’m so lost :grimacing:

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Go to Instagram! A lot of writers gets their covers from there

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Edited is when u cut and crop the characters like this:

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Yes I know ahah, I’ve tried looking for artists but most don’t have comissions open or take requests so you can see why I’m in a bit of a pickle.

thank you for clarifying, i actually can edit but im absolutely horrible at drawing! im not looking for edited covers but rather an artist to draw my episode characters out, I’m extremely serious about publishing my new story and want my covers to look the part as well

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Well u can go here :blush::

The Hershey Official Art Shop chocolate_bar {OPEN}

We do it for free

Hi it depends on how soon you need it… I always do my art for free


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I absolutely love the first piece of artwork! I’m definitely interested, also I don’t mind on the timing of the covers :relieved:

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Ok :grin: Let me know if you end up going with me

Hello as @line123462 said my commissions are currently open. Send me an email if you seem interested.

My sample work:

Recent Commissions I’ve done:


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I’m not sure what you’re looking for but I do art commissions! Check my Instagram and see if that’s what you’re looking for! :black_heart:
Instagram: daniepisodewriter

Hey! I take commissions as well!
You can check out my Instagram for some examples.

Hey, I also take commissions, You can find examples and prices on my instagram @cheyara_episode58

Why r u good

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Idk. :sweat_smile:

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I take em too :blush: