Cover art needed please and thank you!

Im in the process of making a new story and Im going to get a cover made for it. Only problem is I have absolutely no idea what I want it to be of!

What’s your story?

Its called “The Impossible Catch”
Its actually a story where the main character is a guy.
Hes the most popular guy in school but this new girl comes and all his “moves” dont work on her so he has his next door neighborhood who is one of the most popular girls in school help him out

Ohhh. The name @Days came up with. I saw that thread.

Maybe have it where the three main characters are on the cover and in the background is a cool bokeh background or a house or something?

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Yup shes amazing! And I really only have one main character thats why Im not sure what exactly to do.

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So have the popular girl, mc, and the girl he’s trying to impress on it?

that could work thank you!

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