Cover art needed please if anyone can help?

Hi i was wondering if anyone could do me a small cover like this please? No time frame so can take as much time as needed :grinning: Story name not decided yet.






Does it have to be drawn like that, or can it be edited?

Similar to that as i can do edited ones myself but want something like that

no1 then :frowning:

I know two amazing people who stuff for me

you could try them

their work is 2 die 4

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i only have done edits, but i can try drawing maybe

I do drawn covers! Here are some of my examples! The only thing is is that I have a few requests to finish up so it might take a week, if that’s ok


That would be great and i have no time on publishing so take as much time as needed x

kk I’ll let you know when I start!

Ok thankyou

I’m not sure if you are in a rush for this, but I honestly have so much to organize myself with, and I don’t think that I can do this. I’m extremely sorry for causing any inconvenience!!!

It’s okay don’t worry about it.